Hair Bonding

Hair Bonding is a short-term hair weaving method used for both men and women. The course of action consists of adding volume and color to the organic hair. The extra hairs are chosen after verifying its color, solidity, and curl or waves similar to the original hair. At Look masters, we consider that an assessment of the hair quality, color, and type is very imperative for a luminous result. Hair Bonding is a painless, non-surgical hair replacement procedure. Strand by strand Hair Bonding process is simple and does not use much time. The first step involves taking a model’s hair to match with the natural hair. Next, the sample is organized and set on the part of the head in the natural hair. The procedure is repeated as many times till the objective, as per the patient, is met.



Hair Bonding in Chandigarh

Every age group today is suffering from a stern issue, that is, hair loss. Hair weaving and hair bonding in Chandigarh are two vast options for those who are suffering from the same. Not only ordinary people but even celebrities employ these methods to modify their hairstyle, and it helps in stopping issues related to hair fall. It also gives your hair with style, quantity and a good length. Hair weaving is an outstanding method that can solve your hair issues. In this method, the hair to be utilized is set from the original human hair. It is then weaved to the roots of your hair and makes your hair look dazzling. This is also known as hair integrating. This way, the usual hair of yours is mixed with the hair equipped by the experts to fulfill your command for thick hair. Another classic method that helps to solve issues related to your hair is hair bonding.

Hair Bonding in Chandigarh permits you to get your hair back like they were before. This not only adds volume to your normal hair but also provides your hair with color streaks. Hair is being stored on your scalp by the proficients by means of specific paste. The glue employed to join the custom hair to your scalp is made secure for your skin. Hair bonding also applies the method of silicon bond. In this method, the experts first assess the bald areas, then shave them and then make use of adhesive silicon bond glue to fix the hair system in the bald area.

This method will not disrupt your daily swimming, shampooing, even combing, and much more. Hair bonding and Hair Weaving Services in Chandigarh are both considered exceptional as they cause no harm to your hair and give your hair a new and elegant look. Both of the methods are highly pocket-friendly. They don’t disrupt the hair growth and also suit all the hair types. From the surgical modes for a hair treatment that causes the future snags, non-surgical hair treatments have proven to be a better selection because of their low costs and the benefits they provide us with.