5 Fascinating Facts About Wigs That You Didn’t Know

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You’ll struggle to find a model right now who doesn’t have hair extensions because they are so popular right now.

But when did they start to become so popular? How do they get made? And where exactly do all of these “human hair wigs” originate from?

Most people are unaware of some pretty bizarre facts about human hair wigs.

Some of them might even make you completely uninterested in the concept! But perhaps not, given how attractive they are!



  • Men were more likely than women to wear wigs.

Hair Wigs in Chandigarh


Perhaps a little surprising right now, but at certain times in history, men were much more likely than women to wear wigs.


After the French Revolution, when hairstyles became a bit more subdued everywhere and certain male monarchs who were beginning to show signs of ageing began to wear wigs again, women tended not to wear wigs while men continued to do so, though they were a little more subdued.



  • Most hair imports come from China and India.


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This is due to supply and demand; there is a high demand for human hair wigs in the western world, particularly the US.

Shaving one’s head is a popular traditional religious practice in China and India.

Up to 25% of the 40 million pilgrims who visit one temple each year in India shave their heads.



  • A wig is a lot of work to make.


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The hair must first be gathered, sorted by length and direction of growth, and detangled. It must then be washed, dried, and coloured using a variety of dyes.



  • Even so, we do not know the source of all of it.


Hair Wigs in Chandigarh

Some of it comes from barbershops and beauty parlours, and some of it is collected by waste pickers from dumpsters and trash. Additionally, hair dealers will visit rural areas and haggle with women for their hair.



  • Hair care is extremely important.


Hair wigs in Chandigarh


In the same way that your natural hair can be damaged by over-styling, human hair wigs also require regular shampooing and conditioning.


Remember to maintain the health of your own hair underneath while you’re caring for and wearing the wig!





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