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  • Hair Weaving

    It is a non-surgical process which uses organic remy hairs weaved to the head to give more width and cover hair loss. The additional hairs is included to the head straight. The additional hairs is selected only if it suits with the current. The hairs is connected through different techniques such as Hairs Connection, Shrub Tying or Braiding. Ribbons expansion is a newest method among all. The process of hairs weaving is also known as hairs incorporation. The additional hairs is weaved to the main area of the patient hair. It gives a organic look to the weaved hairs.

    A longer, wider and immediate hairs is the outcome of Hair Weaving Process. A professional can only do the process guaranteeing zero fall out. Hair Weaving Process is appropriate for both men and women of all types of hairs. Versatility and adaptability are the main advantages of hair weaving process. Like organic locks, it can be shampooed, lubricated, hair combed and linked in any style.