Best Hair Patch services in Chandigarh

A hair wig/patch is a cap-shaped patch made up of natural hair which is applied to cover the balding area. A hair patch is a best and most reasonable treatment for hair loss. A hair wig/patch is the safest and simplest resolution when hair expansion is not possible from medicines and a person can’t pay for the hair transplant, a hair wig/patch is the safest and simplest resolution.

Difference between hair wig and patch

The main disparity between these two is the area covered by them. A hair wig covers the whole scalp. When the wig is applied to the scalp, the hair on the scalp is removed, and thereafter the wig is applied. The hair patch just covers only a little bald area of the scalp. Whilst applying a hair patch on the necessary area, the usual hair on the scalp is not removed but possibly some cutting is done according to the requirement. 

Hair wig and patch color, shape, and quality

Color: Hair wig/patch is obtainable in 3 colors. Light brown, dark brown, and black

Shape: Hair wig/patch comes in various shapes. According to the size of the scalp, dissimilar kinds of hair wigs/patches are chosen.

Quality: Hair wig/hair patch is obtainable in varied quantities.

 How to apply hair wig

Firstly head dimensions are taken so that the hair wig can be selected suitably. Before applying the wig, the top hair on the scalp is cut and detached. Then the wig is applied with the help of paste and tapes. At last preferred hairstyle and length can be completed.

 How to Apply Hair Patch

Before applying the hair patch the hair patch is cut according to the area. The area where the hair patch is to be fixed is cleansed and the rest area is reserved as of earlier. Then the hair patch is cut and applied to the area by two methods: Through glue and tape. Small clips and tapes on the sides are applied and fixed.

 The hair patch process is more suitable as there is no distress of sticking of the patch nor any professional required for its styling so can be done simply at home. To avail of the benefits of hair weaving, you have to know some imperative points regarding this treatment. The most imperative thing is the choice of the best hair clinic in Chandigarh or nearby areas. After the choice of a good hair clinic, you do not need to think more on the subject of any hair cure. Now confer hair weaving here. In simple terms, hair weaving is the superior version of the non-surgical hair replacement method. The hair loss may well be due to Alopecia. This is a quick resolution for hair baldness. Hair weaving can be helpful for both genders (men and women). The best hair weaving in Chandigarh is very precious. So people look for alternative hair treatments for hair loss. As we already mentioned, it is a low-cost cure. So any patient does not need more money for this cure as compared to other treatments. The cost of hair weaving is very reasonable.


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