Wigs for cancer Patients in Chandigarh

Cancer Patients Hair Wig in Chandigarh

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and will be receiving chemotherapy, you probably have a lot of questions about what to expect. “Am I going to lose my hair?” is one that many people stress about.

The likelihood of this occurring is determined by the specific drug regimen prescribed. However, while not everyone who receives chemotherapy becomes bald, many do.

And, while some people accept hair loss as normal, it’s not uncommon to feel profoundly sad or anxious about the prospect of losing your hair.

The good news is that there are more options than ever before to help people deal with chemo-related hair loss.

Some women try cold cap therapy, which involves wearing a cap infused with a coolant that reduces the flow of chemo to your hair follicles.

Here are a few expert tips for finding the perfect wig.


1. Change Your Look or Maintain Your Current Look.


While a wig that matches your current style is the safest bet, some women take wig shopping to the next level to experiment with a completely new look.

This could mean going blond for the first time or experimenting with something shocking, such as dark cobalt blue.

If you want to try out different styles or colours, buy multiple wigs so you can change them depending on your mood, outfit, or occasion.


2. Want to Maintain Your Look? Look for a picture of a good hair day.


If you want to stick with your current look, post a photo of yourself on a good hair day.

“We tell women to send us a picture of when they were happy with the colour, texture, and length of their hair,” so the organisation can try to match it.

Finding a Wig that matches your hair texture will necessitate some investigation.


3. Black women frequently have difficulty finding wigs that match the colour or texture of their hair.


The majority of Cancer Patients Hair Wig in Chandigarh, particularly those covered by insurance, have straight hair rather than curly or kinky hair, leaving some women with no choice but to spend hundreds of dollars having a wig made.

As a result, a few organisations are now assisting Black women in finding a wig that fits them.



4. Consider having your hair cut short.


Most people who lose their hair notice that it begins to fall out two to four weeks after the first chemo infusion.

Before you cut your hair, make sure you know whether your treatment causes hair loss, as not all chemo does.

Cancer Patients Hair Wig in Chandigarh generally advises women to cut their hair shorter before this occurs, stating that “it’s horrific when hair starts coming out if it’s long and tangled.”

If you have long hair and plan on wearing a wig, getting a pixie cut may be a mistake because your hair will look short for a few weeks before it returns to its natural length.


5. Before you rock your wig, shave your head.


Whether you have a short hairstyle or not, you’ll have to buzz your head when it’s time to put on your wig.

The proper way is to use a men’s clipper and remove the guard, which is known as zero and will give you a five-o’clock shadow. Use a safety razor instead, which can cause ingrown hairs and irritation.

Standard razors are not permitted: It’s amazing how many doctors advise women not to shave their legs but fail to advise them not to shave their heads.

Shaving your head on a regular basis can also help to prevent locks from falling out while sleeping, which can cause irritation and itchiness on the scalp.