Important steps of a hair transplant procedure

Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

The best hair transplant in Chandigarh entails punch grafting, which is the removal of small pieces of scalp from the hair-bearing area, or larger pieces of scalp from a donor area that are then cut into smaller pieces for use as grafts.

These grafts are then implanted into bald or hair-losing areas of the scalp. The grafts created in this style come in a variety of sizes and forms.

The average number of hairs in punch grafts with a round shape is 10 to 15.

The much smaller mini-graft is made up of two to four hairs, while the micrograft is made up of one to two hairs.

5 to 10 hairs per unit make up slit grafts, which are inserted into scalp slits; 30 to 40 hairs per unit make up strip grafts, which are lengthy and thin.

The grafts are spaced about one-eighth of an inch apart to maintain good circulation in the scalp.

The gaps between the plugs will be filled in with additional grafts in subsequent sessions.

To ensure that the transplanted hair will grow in a natural direction and that hair growth at the donor site is not negatively impacted, your doctor will take great care when removing and placing the grafts.

After the grafting procedure, the scalp will be cleaned and covered with gauze.

It might be necessary to wear a pressure bandage for one or two days. Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh permits their patients to recover without bandages.


● Tissue Growth

Tissue expansion is a different method for treating baldness.

Leading experts in tissue expansion, a technique frequently used in reconstructive surgery to treat burn wounds and wounds with a significant amount of skin loss, are plastic surgeons.

Its use in hair transplant surgery has produced impressive results, providing significant coverage in a short period of time.


● Surgical Flap

For more than 20 years, flap surgery has been used to successfully treat conditions of the scalp. Large areas of baldness can be quickly covered by this procedure, which is personalised for each patient.

The patient’s needs and goals heavily influence the flap’s size and location. One flap can replace up to 350 punch grafts.


● Scalp Going to reduce

Sections of the hair-bearing scalp are pulled forward or “advanced” in order to fill in a bald crown, which is why this procedure is occasionally referred to as advancement flap surgery.



People with hair loss and thinning hair may find the Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh to be a good option. Even though it might not be a permanent solution for thinning hair, it frequently assists many people in regaining their confidence and full hair.